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Gold Ge Ruisi

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Brand Model Model Sub Type to configure VIN Year Mileage(KM) Engine Size Power(kw) 变速箱/Transmission
Jinbei Sedan medium bus 3 generations of standard collar 11 seats LG38FHDEXFA003**** Jan-13 100000 2.4L 102 手动挡/MT
Fuel Type Color Emission Standard (mm)/Dimension Engine Mode Door Seating Capacity Steering Intake Type 驱动形式/Drive
Petrol silvery China IV 5235/1800/1980 4RB2 5 11 LHD Natural Aspiration 中置后驱/Center rear drive

In appearance, the overall body line of Jinbei Gerui is more smooth and unrestrained, and the chrome plated grille is more luxurious and elegant. The 1.98M highest car body of the same level in China is stable and dignified, which not only shows extraordinary business temperament, but also integrates household fashion elements. The green comfortable space brought by the oversized car body and wheelbase gives unlimited fun to business work and leisure tourism. In terms of internal design, the spacious and comfortable space design is the most obvious advantage of Gareth, It adopts the high body, high vision and large space design popular in European and American developed countries. Although there are 11 luxury seats, the internal space is still very spacious and transparent. In addition, the configuration of large windows, low windows and double skylights has built a passenger space integrating inside and outside. In terms of power performance, the 4rb2 engine with a displacement of 2.4 l overhead double camshaft has a maximum power of 102 kW and a central rear drive mode, with amazing load climbing endurance. In today's focus on environmental protection, grace has injected an excellent concept of "environmental protection". The crankshaft of this car adopts a balance shaft, and the stiffness and silencing effect of the cylinder block are the best. The exhaust system adopts double silencers, which greatly reduces the vehicle noise generated during startup, and the exhaust emission is also much better than the European No. II standard. In terms of safety performance, Jinbei Gerris is "unique". This car adopts the world's top standard carefully developed by Toyota. In order to improve driving comfort, Jinbei Gerris adopts the front double wishbone torsion bar independent suspension and the rear front oblique positioning arm independent suspension. The omni-directional high vision design, wide riding space, comfortable and luxurious seats, mahogany decorative plate, soft steering wheel, dark insulated glass, double front seat reading lights, front and rear split air conditioning, etc. can not only fully enjoy the driving fun, but also create a comfortable and comfortable business atmosphere.

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